Magoffin County Health Department

Mission Statement

Our general mission is to fulfill society's interest in assuring conditions in which Magoffin Countians can be healthy. The core functions of Magoffin County Health Department (MCHD) are assessment, policy development and assurance. As MCHD expands its services, the intent is to do whatever we can to assure conditions in which our people can be healthy.

History: Past to Present

In 1948 the Magoffin County Health Department services began operating from a three room building in the downtown area. The department's services consisted of immunizations and sanitation inspections and were conducted by the staff of three people. Roy Vanderpool served as the sanitation officer and administrator while Hazel Gardner, the public health nurse, provided medical services. Her main responsibility was to travel to each of the schools and administer immunizations. At that time, there were approximately 98 schools in Magoffin County. Ina Salyer, the health department's clerk, assisted Gardner as they visited each school via horseback or on foot.

In the late 1950s, land was purchased on Route 114; and in 1962 a nine-room facility was constructed and additional services were made available. In the early 1970s, family planning, WIC, and Home Health programs were added to those already in existence. In 1988 major renovation of the health department enlarged the building into a 22-room structure.

old health dept

This allowed the staff of 17 employees to offer a wide variety of additional medical and educational services. In the early 1990s, the health department set-up Health Care Units at school sites and staffed each with a part-time Registered Nurse. In 1993, the Abstinence Education Programs began when Best You Can Be, PSI, and RTR classes were introduced into the schools.

March 19, 2010 Magoffin County celebrated the opening of a new health department at 132 Mountain Parkway. Building a new building that would improve and expand services was the brainchild of Bertie K. Salyer who was Public Health Director for Magoffin County from 1999 until her retirement in 2011. The former health department building was 47 years old, outdated and unable to adequately meet the needs of the community. The new building consolidates operations into a single location and expands services to the community.

new health department

Today, the health department is under the direction of James (Pete) Shepherd, DMD, Public Health Director.





Board of Health 2018

The Board of Health is composed of twelve members representing various community agencies.

Board Members:

Dr. Charles Hardin
County Judge Executive

Dr. Richard Connelley

Dr. Scott Arnett
Vacant - Physician

Tammy Hardin
Fiscal Court

Kerry Howard
Engineer (lay)

Patty Jackson
Optometrist (lay)

Robert Neil West

Nickie Meadows
Physician (lay)

Mildred P. Sizemore
Physician (lay)

Jimmy Stamper
Veterinarian (lay)

Joann Arnett

James W. Hoskins
Pharmacist (lay)