Environmental Services


ANIMAL BITE REPORT FORMS- When a notice of an animal bite is received from a healthcare provider or a concerned citizen, the environmentalist will contact the animal’s owner to determine if the animal has been vaccinated. If the animal has not been vaccinated against rabies, the owner will be instructed to quarantine the animal for 10 days away from people and other animals.

Upon instruction, the environmentalist will schedule a time to go to the site to ensure the animal is quarantined. A release date will be set for 10 days from the date of the bite on which date the environmentalist will return for the release of the animal. Once the animal has been released, the owner will be issued a “Notice to Vaccinate” the animal and will be required to have it vaccinated at a veterinarian office of their choice.

When the animal has been vaccinated the owner must bring a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate to the health department to show proof the animal has been vaccinated. If the animal has been vaccinated, the owner will be instructed to observe the animal for 10 days. Whether the animal has been vaccinated or not, the owner will be instructed to contact the health department immediately if the animal displays changes in behavior or dies within the 10 day period. There is no fee for this service.

TEMPORARY FOOD BOOTH PERMITS- Permits are for food booths that are set up in the county for such activities as Founders’ Day Celebration, or other organizations doing fund-raising activities. The fee for this permit ranges from $25.00 for a 1 to 3 day event, and $30.00 for a 4 to 14 day event.

WATER TESTING – The Environmentalist will collect a water specimen from the well and send it to the state lab for testing to ensure your water is safe to drink. The fee for this test is $15.00. Information is also provided on how to keep your well water safe.

BUSINESS PERMITS- Before food establishments or grocery stores can sell food items, they must first contact the Health Department to get a business permit to operate. New buildings must have an approved building and plumbing plans prior to opening. Fees vary, depending on the size and type of business.

APPLICATIONS FOR SEPTIC SYSTEM SITE EVALUATION- Before building a new home a site evaluation for a new system is required. If you are moving to a new parcel of land, a septic system inspection is required. Either a site evaluation for a new home or an inspection for a previously approved system must be performed before a certificate can be issued for electrical services. The fee for a new site evaluation is $200.00. After the septic system has been installed, either the certified installer or the homeowner will need to visit the health department to obtain the certificate to provide to the electric company. The permit to install fee is $200.00. Revisit for reevaluation is $50.00. Fees are subject to change.

EXISTING SEPTIC SYSTEMS-Systems that have been installed previously are inspected to ensure they are working properly. Different fees apply to the inspections, depending if the system was inspected and approved before. If the system has not been inspected the cost is $100.00 and the existing septic tank must be uncovered on the outlet end and a dye test performed on the system. If the system was inspected and approved then a visual inspection of the property is conducted and the fee for this inspection is $50.00.

SEPTIC SYSTEM INSTALLER TRAINING- If someone would like to become an installer, we offer testing. The installer exam fee is $25.00. After successfully passing the exam the applicant must show proof of general liability insurance before a provisional certificate is issued.

STATE PLUMBING INSPECTOR- The KY Division of Plumbing has a local office at the Magoffin County Health Department. The state plumbing inspector uses this office once per week. The inspector is at MCHD each Friday from 8:00-9:30 am, after which time he is in the field conducting inspection.

Fees for Plumbing:

Water and/or sewer permit base fee: $45
Residential new construction: $45 base fee plus $7 per opening*
Commercial new construction: $45 base fee plus $10 per opening*
*An opening can be fixtures such as sinks, lavatories, commodes, water heaters, and clothes washers


Food Service- Twice annually

Mobile Home Park- Annually

Public Pool- Twice during pool season

Retail Food Stores- Once or twice annually

Schools- Twice annually

These are most of the services provided by your local health department’s environmental department. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the environmentalist, Patrick Boyd at 606-349-6212.