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What is the HANDS Program?

The Health Access Nurturing Development Services (HANDS) program is a voluntary home visitation program for new and expectant parents. No longer for first-time families, this service is now available also for new or expectant parents who are parenting other children.

Families begin by meeting with a HANDS Parent Visitor who will discuss any questions or concerns about pregnancy or a baby's first years. Based on the discussion, all families will receive information and learn about resources available in the community for new parents. Some families will receive further support through home visitation.

A family begins the HANDS by being screened to see if services are needed. After it is determined that a family could benefit from services, a visit is scheduled with one of the Health Department’s Family Support Workers

Visits will include the introduction of parenting skill development in areas such as recognizing your baby’s needs, what to expect as your baby grows, making your home safe, etc.

HANDS believes that ALL families deserve a healthy pregnancy and their babies deserve a healthy, safe, and happy childhood.

Why Participate in HANDS?

Parents are the most important people in a baby’s life and the first and most important teachers a child will ever have. A child’s first three years of life are the most critical in terms of social, emotional, and cognitive development. Parenting is also a very demanding job, and all parents have worries, questions, and stress, and can use a helping pair.

Visit the HANDS Website for more information.